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Setting up Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping is one of the best ways to improve the shopping experience for your customers. With product tagging, your customers are able to tap on products on your Instagram posts and go straight into shopping (making an order) from your site.

This improves the fluidness of making orders straight from your Instagram profile or feed.

To set up Instagram shopping for your shop you need to follow this official guide from Instagram: Open Your Shop on Instagram. While following this guide, you could be optionally required to verify your domain. When required, following the steps below to complete that stage:

1. From the Verify your domain page make sure Add a meta-tag to your HTML source code is selected

Meta tag

2. From the first step (Copy this meta-tag) from the Add a meta-tag section, copy the value of the content without the quotes (")

<meta name="facebook-domain-verification" content="1xdhhlzgxoga5xdkfkw2uy0gf9u9j9" />

Remember this is on the Verify your domain page on Facebook. Copy the text that looks like green-highlight text here.

3. Now go to the Admin page of your Adeton shop. Go to Settings, then select Facebook/Instagram Integration from the settings category. Paste the value you copied and paste into the text box and press Save.

4. Go back to the Facebook page and click Verify Domain.

Your domain should be verified now. Then proceed with the set up steps for Instagram shopping as you were here Open Your Shop on Instagram.

If you have issues going through these steps, reach us on adetonhq on Instagram.